Sample Test Cases

Example 3

Prepare test cases for testing the font dialogue form of Microsoft Word.
First of All, I will prepare a simple table that consist of TestCaseID, Input, Expected Output, Types of Testing, Pri Environment
columns for tracking my test cases.

Then, considering that this application or dialogue box is for human, not animals or aliens, I will perform the testings.
I would like to test if it is ok to go with test cases just like the testers perform smoke test or BVT test.
There are two choices or menus, Font and character Spacing, So if we click these two, will it open separate windows having same or different features.
This can be considered as the BVT test. Also if we choose Font from menu and/or shortcut key ctrl+D, will it open the form?

Functionality Test:

If we give a normal string input and just select one feature in Font, Then will it work when we click the ok and cancel button.
Also, There is the preview section, will the preview section display changes on the screen.

If we follow the individual test for other features in font, then Will it work fine?
If we click the default button, then will it work? Will it reset to default values?
What will happen, if I try to select two choices like two Font names or both bold and italic feature in Font Styles, will it work?
What will happen, if i select image instead of text and change the font features? will it work?

After performing the individual testing, I will perform integration testing.
If I apply changes in both font name and font style? Will it work?
If I apply changes in both font name and font size? will it work?
If I apply changes in both font style and font size? will it work?
The underline color option is visible only after selecting the underline style. Is this working?
What if i give a pre-underlined text? will the underline style be visible or working?
What will happen, if i go on increasing the changes? Will it also work if i also choose font color, effects?

After performing the integration testing, I will perform the system testing for font menu?
will it work if i choose only some features or all features?

Usability Test:
Is the application suitable and comfortable to use?
How friendly and attractive outlooks it have?
Do user have to wait for accessing the features or to see the preview of the applied changes?
Are all the features in the application placed in the right order so that it is easy to use? Can we use without mouse? just using keyboard? Is the tab positions accurate?
Forexample, placing the keys in keyboard in right order is very important and meet the international standard.

Boundary value condition and equivalence partitioning:
Type the size of text in the text box and see if it work? Type wrong font name and font style, will it work? What if i try to exceed the maximum limitation?
We can perform automation testing for testing? For eg: there may be 1000 font names, 10000 of colors. To perform the integration testing it is impossible
as it will take very long time. In addition we can also use strategies like Boundary Value condition or equivalence partitioning during testing.
what will happen if i try to resize the form, will it be allowed?

Requirements Testing:
Does the application include all requirements or features mentioned in the specification?
Is there any unnecessary features present?

Performance Testing:
How fast the response is generated after applying changes?
How fast the preview screen displays the sample changes on the screen after applying changes?
Is there any memory leaks or bottle necks present that degrades the performance?
Is there any un-necessary codes that can be optimize for increasing the performance?

Stress Test:
What will happen and what will be the performance when we use it continuously. Will it work as previous?
If we reduce the resources like processor speed, memory, will it work?

Load Test:
If we select texts of size terabytes, will it work?
If we select nothing or just a single character or symbol, will it work?
If we select images, videos or different formats than text format, will it work? What if I try to give infected text will it work?
If I give picture text will it work?

Security Test:
Does it contains any Information leakage like error message with sesitive information?
If error data is supplied and the system fails, will it recover or handle error input data?
If authentication and authorization is required, then does it provide such features?
What about the verification and validation? What about audition and logging? Does the application handle these things?
If encryption is required, then does it provide such security features?

Localization and Globalization Test:
Is this application or the features of application easily understood by people from different country, religion, culture?
Does the application provide necessary clues or hints or instruction for carrying out its operations? or Does it have help menu?

Compatibility Test:
Will it work in different hardware, Software or OS environment?
Does it need special changes in configuration for working in different environments?

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  1. Test cases are written in Excel sheet and it differs for every organization.Here, i have provided a test case template and a simple test case for your understanding.

    Test case Template:
    Test Case No.
    Test Case Description
    Expected Result
    Actual Result