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Sample bug report 2: Given a UI form with 2 labels namely first number, second number and 2 text boxes. UI form also contains another text box at the bottom and a button with name go?
What is the major problem here? Write a bug report for it?

Summary of Bug:
- Lack of declarative information and preciseness in the UI Form formX of Application applicationZ.
- Bug: Unclear form elements and form lacking clear title.
- Bug found by Rakesh Tyata on 12/21/2008 approximately at 1:40pm.

- Yes, the bug is reproducible.
- When the declarative information about the form elements as well as form title is removed from a good form, then the bug is reproduced.

Actual Output:
- UI without form title, unclear labels value, unclear button name and missing clear label infront of the textbox used to display the final result.

Expected Output:
- Form title like Add two numbers, labels with Enter first number, Enter second number, and “click to add” for button name instead of “go”। Also a label with name “Final Result” infront of the result textbox.

More Details

Bug severity, priority, bug status, assigned to and assigned by should also be there.
Usually severity and priority has 1-5 levels 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest. Bug status can be open, fixed, not in requirement, rejected,
Following is a sample bug report I found in

Bug Name: Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new user.
Bug ID: (It will be automatically created by the BUG Tracking tool once you save this bug)
Area Path: USERS menu > New Users
Build Number: Version Number 5.0.1
Severity: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Priority: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Assigned to: Developer-X
Reported By: Your Name
Reported On: Date
Reason: Defect
Status: New/Open/Active (Depends on the Tool you are using)
Environment: OS: Windows Vista /Oracle 11G
Application crash on clicking the SAVE button while creating a new
user, hence unable to create a new user in the application.
Steps To Reproduce:
1) Logon into the application
2) Navigate to the Users Menu > New User
3) Filled all the user information fields
4) Clicked on ‘Save’ button
5) Seen an error page “ORA1090 Exception: Insert values Error…”
6) See the attached logs for more information (Attach more logs related to bug..IF any)
7) And also see the attached screen shot of the error page.
Expected result: On clicking SAVE button, should be prompted to a success message “New User has been created successfully”.
(Attach ‘application crash’ screen shot.. IF any)
Save the defect/bug in the BUG TRACKING TOOL. You will get a bug id, which you can use for further bug reference.
Default ‘New bug’ mail will go to respective developer and the default module owner (Team leader or manager) for further action.

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