More Interview Questions

Dear frens, if you want answers to any specific question, then let me know। I like to share ideas.

What do you know about windows vista operating system?

Are you familiar about the Agile methodologies of SDLC. What is scrum construction life cycle?

Have you ever used WPF and WCF features of .Net framework?

What do you know about Testing Methodologies and Testing Strategies?

Differentiate between open box and closed box testing?

Tell me what you know about code coverage ?

What’s the difference between smoke test and sanity test? Are these same?

When you perform automation testing and manual testing? Give specific examples.

Differentiate between C++ and C# ? structured programming vs object oriented programming?

Explain how garbage collection is done in C#?

What are the methods of Object class in C#?

Give me two uses of new keyword and using keyword?

What are the two uses of delegates?

Explain the concept of null and empty value, value type and reference types.

What are the types of access modifiers in C#?

Tell me if you have knowledge about equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis.

Identify your skill in C# between 1 and 10 ?

Have you implemented multi-threading ? Explain about process and threads?

Does testing guarantee quality? Why testing is needed ?

Explain what is bug, defect and error? Are these same ?

What is XML schema?

Differentiate between HTML and XML? DOM vs SAX ?

How can you test a toaster ? Just explain 10 test cases that you think the most important.

How can you test a smoke detector device?

How can you troubleshoot the network connection failure?

How can you troubleshoot the given computer that does not boot?

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