Sample Test Cases

I prepared these test cases in one attempt and so it may not be precise and accurate. Further, its my idea and so is definitely limited. However I think these samples are worthy enough to go through at least once.

Example 1
List 15 test cases for fileread.exe that takes in the full path to a file and displays contents of the file on the console?
First of all, I would like to test if it is ok to go with test cases just like the testers perform smoke test or BVT test. After that I would choose the pri-environment for which the program is made and continue with following test cases.
• Functionality
- If I provide a normal path and a normal file, will it work?
- Will it work again, if I give wrong path.

• Boundary Test
- What will happen, if I give very huge file, containing tera-byes of data.
- What will happen, if I give just an empty file or file containing just a blank space.
- What will happen, if I give very long file path.

• Requirement Test
- If I give the file containing ascii-characters and other instead of normal file will it work?
- If I give the file with different extension(*.html, *.dll) rather than *.txt, will it still work?
- What will happen, if I give video or audio file? Will the console able to handle that?

• Security Test
- What will happen, if I give a file that is infected with virus and worm. Will the system crash? If does, then will it be able to recover to previous safe and consistent state.

• Performance Test
- How fast can the console display the contents of file?
- Is the response time fast enough?

• Stress Test
- What will happen, if I continuously supply file paths say around 2 days, will it work normally?
- Is there any memory leaks present or still the performance rate is same.
- What will happen, if I reduce the resources like RAM, CPU processor under different environments like
XP, linux, unix, windows vista? Will it work again with same performance speed.

• Localization & globalization test
- Is there proper documentation provided for carrying out the process or task?
- Can a layman be able to run it properly?

• Usability Test
- How user friendly is the overall process or task?

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  1. Test cases are written in Excel sheet and it differs for every organization.Here, i have provided a test case template and a simple test case for your understanding.

    Test case Template:
    Test Case No.
    Test Case Description
    Expected Result
    Actual Result