Either JAVA or .NET or others !!! whatever you choose in your profession, update is required

At present days, IT professionals need to be very adaptive to new technologies. The reason behind this is, IT field is moving at faster pace, unlike the old days. Why am I talking about this? Do you have any idea? may be not.

I hope you will get the clue, when I say that the opportunities for finding jobs by fresh IT graduates is decreasing day by day. What do you say, you believe in this statement of mine? I believe this condition will become worst in the near future. So make yourself adaptive to new technologies.

Make sure, Which version of JAVA or .Net are you using ? As of October 2008, the latest version of Java is 1.6.0_10. Also, Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 is coming soon as declared by Microsoft in September 29, 2008.

Also, If you have details about these enhancements, then it would make the topic more useful and fruitful.

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