Discussion: Tell me one thing you like most to do?

I was feeling bore, so I started to chat with my friend. Suddenly I asked one question? Ok fren, can you tell me one thing you like most to do? He did not answer but instead he told me to answer this question myself. So my answer was like this

i will tell you..
depending upon situation..i will say thank you for question…otherwise..
i will start I like to do software testing and specially interested to be a tester…

Testing is the only field where people get to know
everything..every aspect of application development
it is wide ..open ended..and a perfect platform for building skill and increasing creativity..
so, I think it is much more forward type of job than software development..

do you want me to proceed ..my fren

he said yes, continue..

again, I have a strong passion to be a tester…and very enthusiastic to join this testing team..
i want to be a part of quality control in your organization..and make significant contribution at the same time
also..to be a tester..one need mainly three skills…
code understanding..
automation ability
and good communication..
I am confident that I am good in all these 3 fields..so i can deliberately perform my testing duties..

again, do you want me to continue my fren..

he said yes, continue..

apart from all these, I have sound experience in testing..
I have good knowledge of software testing tools and testing procedure..
I can write good test plan, bug report..generate and write good test case and test reports..
I think i can go..continuously for next 15 minutes…where i would talk about everything i
know about testing field..but i think interviewer will not ask in this much detaill
what u say fren

ya..ur right..

so I again asked to comment good thing and bad thing from my explanation

starting was good but in the middle you went in detail…I don’t think we need to go that deep
he added we can add other things at the time of starting…without directly staring from software testing…
it might be good what u say, he asked me?

ya..you can add..but i just wanted to be specific..in one field…
again..there are different ways to answer..so..
best thing is to present and communicate well
what u say


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